Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011

All Italian bananas and coffee! - Iron Chef challenge #2

No German version today, but I will definitely make this again.
Diesen Eintrag reiche ich nach dem MoFo auf Deutsch nach.


I loved this challenge and honestly, I do not like to boast or something, but I think my recipe is absolutely amazing. Okay, it's sweet, I know you wanted something hearty but this came to my mind and I just HAD to make it.

This idea appeared to me quite soon after reading the challenge, I couldn't stop thinking about banana tiramisu, but I knew I had to refine it, because banana tiramisu is good, but even more Italian kitchen is better (I am craving for Italian stuff right now, I usually eat this a lot, but as I have an all German MoFo theme I did not have any pasta and stuff for two weeks). So it just had to be an all Italian dessert. And here it comes:

banana panna cotta tiramisu fairy cake with  (halfly molten) tiramisu semifreddo and caramel sauce
= pure awesomeness. 
(I put the semifreddo back into the refrigerator, because I took it out too early and it started to melt too quickly, you find another semifreddo photo below)

You want the recipe? Here we go:

Start in the evening (important!); you will have to prepare your cake base and the coconut panna cotta then.

Cake base, vegan biscuit:  

(I used and modified a recipe from Veganpassion, a German blog that's worth a closer look (the blog I linked is in English, I have no idea whether all things of the German version are listed, you should find a lot of great stuff over there) and if you manage to understand German you should not miss her ebook)

cake-pan (17cm diameter)

80g wheat flour
40g sugar
15g buttery margarine (room temperature)
60ml soda (with gas!)
1/3 pack baking powder
1/2 scraped out vanilla bean (keep the hull)
1 pinch of salt
4 Ts cold espresso (I got mine from a local Italian cafe)

2Ts cold espresso, 2 Ts amaretto

prepare dough from flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and vanilla, then slowly stir in marge and soda; then add espresso

grease your cake-pan; preheat oven to 160°C, it needs about 25 minutes, use a wooden toothpick to see whether it's done

cool down for about 1h, then carefully cut off the upper part; for now we will only need the bottom.
Cut 2-3 "cookies" from the cover and dry them in your oven (I chose 100°C and about 20 minutes). 

take the mould (I used a usual cereal bowl and two small creme brulee moulds, you may also take glasses, cups, etc.) and shape the cake base after it (I used parts of the cover, too, because I wasn't sure how many would turn out, in the end I also had to small ones)
sprinkle cake bases with amaretto espresso mixture ( make sure they do not become too wet, then they will fall apart)

next step:

coconut panna cotta 

(I must have taken this idea from any sort of magazine, I cannot figure out which it was, but I modified it)

1 can coconut milk (400ml)
250ml oat cream (I guess other plant creams will work, but I never tried them and I had no time to try)
40g sugar
1/2 scraped out vanilla bean (keep the hull)
1 spoonful agar
1/2 a lemon's juice (I guess about 4ts)
2 bananas

pour all these ingredients (not the bananas!)  into a pot add vanilla hulls, boil them up, simmer for ten minutes, remove vanilla hulls

rinse moulds with cold water, fill in the liquid, put into refrigerator

wait for about 1/2h, try whether they started to firm up, if though, start cutting banana into small slices, cover panna cotta cream densely with banana slices , put cake base on top, then put it back into the refrigerator;
I don't know how long it take to entirely firm up, but I guess 4 h will be minimum

prepare for tomorrow: freeze 2 mashed bananas in a freezer bag

next day:
remove panna cotta from your refrigerator (otherwise it will be too cold when you serve it)

caramel sauce:
50g sugar
1T water
25g buttery margarine
1T plant cream

mix sugar and water inside a pot, heat slowly until it becomes "crusty" and yellowish brown

slowly add margarine

3. when everything is molten, add plant cream; 
let it cool, it should still be warm but not hot, when served

tiramisu semifreddo

2-3 prepared biscuit cookies
2 frozen bananas (over ripes woud be perfect)
1T amaretto
1T cold espresso
2Ts plant cream
1 pack vanilla sugar (8g, eventually more, if you are a sweet tooth)

mix all ingredients, blend it (except the cookies!), it is meant to become a creamy ice cream, crumble cookies

now let's arrange the cake

turn cake on a plate upside down; garnish with chocolate flakes, banana chips and coffee beans ---->

I also had to shape the cake base.

Then spread cookie crumbles beside the cake piece and top
with tiramisu semifreddo (I just knew someone would present an
icecream, so I chose this version); semifreddo means halfly frozen
so you won't mind when it is not absolutely iced

Spread warm caramel sauce all over your plate and


close up of the adorable tiramisu semifreddo (after it spent a few more hours inside my freezer compartment)


  1. Goodness me girl! That looks freaking amazing!
    Nice Iron Cheffing

  2. na super - ich hab den fehler gemacht mir diesen post weit entfernt von jeglichem süßem anzusehen und jetzt... jetzt hab ich heißhunger und will diese torte sofort haben! :-D probier ich bestimmt aus!


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