Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011

Iron Chef Challenge #4 -Healthy Fugue!

I cannot believe it, this is my very last Iron Chef Challenge for this year. Could someone please offer this for the whole year? Please? Pretty pleeeaaase??? This is so much fun!

Okay, this time was funny, because on Friday I went to my local farmer's market and found these:

usual and old carrot breeds

I really had no clue what to use them for, I just thought they looked cute and I never had seen or tried them before so I bought them and in the evening I found this week's Iron Chef Challenge. Lucky me.
How did I come up with my recipe?
I love making dishes that combine the same ingredients over and over. Like a fugue imitating the same theme, like a compelling spiral: alter, capture, refine, simplify.
Okay, this one isn't that refined but I wanted to explain my usual style of cooking. I'm known for hosting several courses and combining the same 3-4 ingredients over and over again. Must be terrible for my guests, but I love that.
Today's dish is very simple and healthy, but it contains loads of carrots and oats. Plus it makes the coloured carrots look nice.
I have to admit that I cheated a little bit: I didn't make the bread baking mixture myself but used one that was left in my cupboard. I have to admit that I am so bad at baking bread that I am lucky if there are products that assist me (but it only contains different types of flour, salt and yeast, so I may be able to make it myself, too, I don't know why this never works).

Oat and Carrot Burger with Carrot Fries

what you need: 

whole grain kernel bread baking mixture (plus what's needed for preparation), I had one that said it was 1/3 oat meal, 1/3 spelt flour, 1/3 wheat flour plus linseeds, salt, pepper and yeast
1 rasped carrot
3-4tbsp oat flakes

+ salad leaves, tomatoes, onions for garnishing

just add rasped carrot and oat flakes

Vegetable Burgers:

1 potato
1 carrot
1 onion
1/4 celeriac
1 zucchini
3 soy "eggs" (alternatively: egg replacement)
marjoram, salt, pepper, nutmeg

rasp vegetables, put them aside for ~1/2 h, then wring them out (use a linen cloth), add soy"eggs" and oat flakes, season with  salt pepper and nutmeg

roast in flavorful oil (I used sesame oil)

Carrot Fries:

3 coloured carrots (slices)
peanut oil (alternatively: different plant oil)

grease carrot slices with peanut oil, bake at 180° for ~12min, sprinkle with salt


  1. Das sieht sooo lecker aus! Ich mach auch total gerne Pommes aus allem Gemüse, was mir in die Hände fällt ;-)

  2. Ich auch! Habe sogar extra Schwarzwurzeln auf dem Markt gekauft, weil ich das eeigentlich mal mit denen vorhatte, aber ich fand die Karotten haben einfach danach geschrien :)

  3. Those carrot fries look wonderful. I love using different color carrots when making them.


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