Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

MoFo Round Up 3

Hi MoFoers!

I cannot believe it's already my 3. round up. I do not want this MoFo to end! Time flies! You all make such a great job and I find it always hard to make a week's round up because all participants make this experience outstanding. This time I chose not to link the blogs I already included in my last round ups (but make sure to visit Cara and Smilla anyway ;) ).

So here it is: My third MoFo round up. Enjoy!

To quote the blogger herself: Crispy Puffy Square ... Things, look and sound delicious and remind me of one of my childhood favourites - nippon cookis (rice puff cookies with chocolate)

did I mention that I am an Italian food girl? When I found these pretty arancini over at Meet the Wikos I just couln't resist to repost them (and add them to my cooking list, in fact my must cook. now. list).

This was a blog post for this week' Iron Chef Challenge - and I love the idea of vegan Bailey's so much, I just had to include it into my weekly round up! Thank you so much Tea and Sympatico!
(plus those glasses are so cute)

I love love love falafel. And Vegan Moxie gives perfect directions on making them. Mouthwatering. 

I hate making bread myself, it nearly never works (I blame the oven, but I guess I have to blame myself), but these baguettes from Inventive Vegan look so delicious, I will definitely try them. 

ahhh! raw cacao fudge cake pops! sometimes I get the feeling raw eating people make the best sweets...

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  1. Wow...those rainbow cupcakes just blew my mind. Amazing. I love the look of those baguettes, and I plan on making some of my own this week so that'll be good to have for reference!


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