Montag, 31. Oktober 2011

One last Yeast!

Hi MoFies!

That's it. My last recipe for this year's MoFo. I know all you Americans will be busy hosting Thanksgiving next month. As German Thanksgiving ("Erntedankfest") is long gone (plus we do not really party that) our next holiday will be St. Martin's Day (for the Christians and those with little children) and Nikolaus' Day in December. But there is only one big holiday coming up: Christmas.
There's one thing that's most typical for German Christmas: Stollen cake. It's origin is Dresden and you may find the story on Wikipedia. I was shocked to find that these are usually not even vegetarian (most of them are, but the original recipe requires lard), but my version is vegan, I promise. If you are interested in the original Dresden Stollen recipe take a look at German Wikipedia (I guess Google translator will work for that).
I will give you my mother's recipe plus the changes I made (because I hate some of the required ingredients...). 

I start my Christmas preps usually in the middle of November but because of MoFo I made an exception and made my very first stollen cake yesterday. It turned out really fine, even though it is meant to infuse for several days, but I had to offer you some pics (it's not that I wanted to give it a try, neeeeeever).

I had so many hits from the US (and elsewhere English speaking) that I might be tempted to offer my Christmas prep posts in English as well, because I really love Christmas preps and would be glad to share it with everyone else. And it helps me to refresh my English I haven't been speaking for about 6 years now and I realize even though my passive vocab is still quite good my active speaking and writing abilities really decreased.
Please comment if you're interested, otherwise I'd just switch back to usual German posting.

Stollen Cake

what you need: (10 small = 4 large/usual)

1kg wheat flour (550)
250ml plant milk 
150g sugar
300g buttery marge
2 soy eggs
2 blocks of yeast (~90g)
2tbsp gingerbread condiment
a pinch of salt

100g candied orange peel (1 used ~20g as I don't like it that much)
100g candied lemon peel (again only ~20g)
250g raisins (I used fresh cranberries instead), pickled in rum
150g chopped almonds
dried fruits
grated poppy seeds (mixed with a few tbsp plant cream)

prepare dough, allow to rise for at least 1h.

add almonds, dried fruits (optional), raisins; 
then form stollen cakes: 

filled with marzipan and poppy seeds, roll in the end (start with smaller side!)

allow stollen to rise for 10 more minutes (important: not longer!), preheat oven to 170° (important, too)

bake for ~25-30min (small ones, large ones require ~45min)

remove from the oven, grease with warm marge sprinkle with icing sugar and wrap into aluminium foil;
allow to infuse for a few days, then unwrap and spread a thick layer of icing sugar over it.


Hallo ihr,

das ist mein letztes MoFo-Rezept und deswegen gibts gleich mein erstes Weihnachtsrezept: Stollen.
Ich habe mit Entsetzen festgestellt, dass der normale Stollen nichtmal vegetarisch ist (bin ich froh, dass ich Rosinen so sehr hasse, dass ich immer die Zutatenliste gelesen habe und die rosinenfreien alle vegetarisch sind).
Deswegen gibts auch keinen Stollen nach original Dresdner Rezept, das allerdings findet sich bei Wikipedia, für den Fall, dass jemand das Original veganisieren möchte.
Stattdessen gibts das Stollenrezept meiner Mutter mit ein paar rosinenverachtenden Änderungsvorschlägen.


das braucht man: (10 kleine = 4 normalgroße)

1kg Weizenmehl (550)
250ml Pflanzenmilch
150g Zucker
300g buttrige Margarine
2 Sojaeier
2 Hefewürfel (~90g)
2TL Lebkuchengewürz
eine Prise Salz

100g Orangeat (ich mag das nicht so sonderlich, deswegen habe ich nur 20g verwendet)
100g Zitronat (auch hier nur 20g)
250g Rosinen (ich habe stattdessen frische Cranberries verwendet), in Rum eingelegt
150g gehackte Mandeln
gemahlener Mohn (mit ein paar EL Pflanzensahne angerührt)

Teig zubereiten, mindestens 1h gehen lassen

Mandeln. getrocknete Früchte (optional), Rosinen hinzugeben;
dann wie oben abgebildet Stollen formen (ausrollen, füllen, einrollen)

Stollen 10min angehen lassen (wichtig: nicht länger!) und Ofen auf 170° vorheizen (wichtig!)

 ~25-30min backen (die kleinen, die großen brauchen ~45min) 

aus dem Ofen nehmen, mit warmer Margarine bestreichen, mit Puderzucker bestäuben und in eine Alufolie wickeln; ein paar Tage durchziehen lassen, dann auswickeln und mit einer dicken Schickt Puderzucker bestäuben. 


  1. Wow - dass sieht total lecker aus =) Freu mich gerade diesen Blog entdeckt zu haben, liest sich alles seeeeehr lecker ^^
    Liebe Grüße Jessi

  2. danke für deine lieben Worte!


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