Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

Sunday: MoFo Round Up 1

Honestly- I failed- I tried to at least have a look at every single MoFo-Post, but it's just too much, there are so many brilliant dishes, brilliant ideas out there, I guess it will take me years to try these. 
I fear I miss a lot of great ideas, so I love Round Ups, allows me to catch some of the postings I missed.
Here are my favorites:

So funny, I definitely had to repost this, thanks veganliciousljr.

these stuffe shells from the vegan ronin look really perfect, one of my first cooking plans after MoFo by now.

this raw apple cobbler from Spabettie could not look prettier! I have been making plans eating more raw stuff for a long time and I guess this might be a treat that could make it so easy!

I managed to find another Cara taking part in vegan MoFo and I cannot believe how cute her Halloween treats are! This is like one of the cutest Halloween stuff I have seen in my entire life. Absolutely darling! (Don't miss to look up the other treats she made!)

I absolutely love this photo (plus this is one of my favorite dishes), thanks veni vidi veggie

I highly recommend this apple dish Smilla created. I love Austrian food and these treats are special faves of mine.

Thanks to all for sharing your kitchen experiences with me!


  1. Awesome roundup, I'd missed that raw apple cobbler.

  2. Thank YOU for sharing that, Cara. How sweet are you?!! And what a great name. It's rare to find another Cara and so when you do, you have to stick together :) hehe


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