Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2011

This is not exactly a MoFo post but....

okay, I got kind of a problem. My brother is leaving for the US within a few days and offered to organize some vegan goodies for me but I don't know which he should bring.

Of course I want to get dandies vegan marshmallows, but that's it, I absolutely have no idea.
Maybe (if he manages to keep it cool) I long for trying Daiya cheese. I heard so many exciting reactions that I am very keen on having this. But what else? Any ideas? Anything I definitely have to try?

Please American bloggers, help me!


  1. You should ask him to bring you back some Tings! They're really yummy chips.

  2. I love these - http://www.gomaxgofoods.com/

  3. I'd say some collard greens and mustard greens and all the greens we never see here...but I doubt they'd survive a plane ride.... :D
    A huge bottle of vanilla extract and maple extract might be a good choice though. My roommate gets the vanilla extract from his mom (she's American and spends some time overseas ever year) and one bottle goes a long way. :)


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