Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

Finally! Vegan Month of Food!

Hello world,

it is so nice to see you guys again! I cannot believe it has been one whole year since last year's MoFo, but I am more than happy to a part again (even though I still remember how stressful last year's MoFo was...). Over here in Germany October has already begun, so this is my first official MoFo-Post! Hurray!
There will be some specials I would love to announce for those who follow my blog regularly:

Why English?

I love the international flair of Vegan MoFo and the opportunity to get connected with people from all over the world.This means that German cannot be the language of my choice.
Some people know that I have an English blog, too. As I will only post in English this year (last year's bilingual experience seems to be enough for the next years....) I thought about writing on my English blog but finally decided not to do so, because I would love to share my MoFo-experience with all my readers as it definitely is my personal blogging highlight.
In fact I don't think I have only one reader that is unable to understand English. For all those who care: after MoFo my blog will switch back to German.

What about Vegan Wednesday?

Julia, Carola and I decided to go international for MoFo. In fact there are no big changes ahead and Vegan Wednesday will not be very different from usual wednesdays despite from being bilingual (and hopefully way larger).
Please note that there will be some extra announcements, so make sure to check back for further information!

Will there be a theme?

YES! And I cannot wait to announce it this afternoon.
Not exactly a theme but still important to me: Almost all my recipes are free from palm oil and fat, made from regional produce and organic. Of course they are vegan, too (and delicious).

Want to take a second look on last year's Germany theme? Follow this link: MoFo 2011

Will there be weekly round-ups again?

Yes, yes, yes! (Hopefully)
Once a week I will promote all the posts I loved! :)
(I guess on Sundays)

What is this thing about flattr?

I will give all the funds I receive in October via flattr to a small animal rescue organisation. I think MoFo is a perfect opportunity to get to know about animal welfare around the world and flattr makes it very easy to donate small funds. There will be an extra post about this project and flattr in general!

I cannot wait to see who will be in this year! Last year's blogroll was super-ambitious and I found so many great blogs and got to know a bunch of nice people. 

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