Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

The one with the best books to read on a snowy day - MoFo Book Challenge #26 - Simone de Beauvoir & Jean-Paul Sartre

This night we had our first snow over here in Germany and even though it is already gone, I enjoyed a nice and cold Sunday afternoon reading on my couch and sipping hot apple juice. I wish life would be like that every day. I guess I should be able to tell you the reason why it is exactly Sartre and Beauvoir which I prefer to accompany me, when I spend my Sundays wrapped in a blanket, but I cannot, I just grab one of their books and start reading and I guess they would not mind, as they have been a couple for the longest times of their lives (having the most desirable relationship). I enjoy Sartre's existentialist view on the world and Beauvoir's demystifying view on feminism and writing in general and even though I already read these books a few times, I cannot help myself but have to read them again and again. Maybe Beauvoir is one of the writers I identify the most with.Of course their boos are classics, not only for those who are interested in feminism and philosophy but also for everyone in search of a good read.

So this post was calling for winter food: Things to munch and sip while reading.

Hot Apple Juice

1/2l apple juice (or: 2/3 cider, 1/3 apple juice)
1/2 tsp glogg condiment
cinnamon stick and star anise

Nougat Cookies

100g all-purpose flour
50g grated almonds
40g sugar
50g icing sugar
1 pack cinnamon sugar
~70ml sunflower oil
1tsp baking powder
~2tbsp plant milk

nougat, dark chocolate

mix all dry ingredients, then add oil, mix well and add plant milk, the pastry shouldn't be too dry (otherwise add more milk), nor too wet (add more flour); form small balls and bake at 180° for~7-10min

remove from the oven, allow to cool, then spread nougat on one cookie, put another cookie on top and dunk into melted chocolate, leave to cool on a cookie rack


  1. Oh ja, Simone de Beauvoir. Erinnert mich an meine Masterarbeit, aber im positiven Sinne. Auch in meinem Bücherregal ein Goldstück.

    1. ich beneide ja jeden, der sich im Studium überhaupt mit sowas befassen durfte ;)


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