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The one with the book that always leaves me sad - MoFo Book Challenge #10 - The Solitude of Prime Numbers

Giordano's book "The Solitude of Prime Numbers" is a very special read. It is about childhood imprinting, about how this affects our life's as grownups and how we are never able to get rid of it. It is also a story about two children that had to undergo terrible experiences, about two adolescents that never fit in and try very hard to find their place and it is about two grownups who are meant for each other, but never get a real chance. Mattia, the highly gifted twin, leaves his sister, an intellectually disabled girl, in a park, because he is invited to a children's birthday party and fears that she will embarrass him once more. When he returns she is gone forever.
Alice's father forces her to take skiing lesson, because of bad weather conditions she has an accident and is from then on physically handicapped. They meet at school, when both suffer from obvious symptoms of their fates: Alice is an anorectic and Mattia burns and carves his arms with every sharp item he can get his hands on. They immediately become friends and even though their lives take very different directions they stay in touch when Mattia attends university and Alice gets married. Somehow each of them dreams about a future where they can be together, but even so they know they are meant for each other, there is no chance for a relationship, because they are haunted by their pasts. Mattia compares their story to prime "twins": "close but not close enough to really touch each other ---lonely individuals forever linked but separated."  

This is one of the saddest stories I read in my life. There are so many moments in which you would love to jump into the book, take one of these characters by the hand and offer him advice and help. It is like talking to a depressive person: You want to shake them and lift the darkness that has spread around them, but they won't see it. This is a book about hopelessness, acrimony and loneliness and Giordano finds the best metaphors you could imagine. His language is strong and precise, filled with descriptions that make you really feel the character's pain and how these twin primes feel trapped in their fates. 

 Even though food is an important matter of the book (as Alice is anorectic) I did not want to make one of the mentioned dishes, as they all are connected to the worst experiences in Alice's life. Instead I went with the plot's location, Italy, and gave a common dish a little twist: vegetable antipasti with pizza bread.
What I love most about Italian cooking is that you work with few ingredients that are big in flavor- and so is this dish.

I prefer my pizza dough to be classic - no different flour types, no fancy ingredients. After having tried lots (which were really tasty!) I still go with the wheat flour based most of the time. So I decided to make something like mini arrabiata calzone pizza breads and I just love the result.
The garlicky button mushrooms are one of my father's favourite dish and I just love how well the flavors of sugar and tomatoes work together. Eggplant and zucchini is a must when it comes to antipasti and all these things make a dish that screams: look at me I am from Italy. 

oh, I love thee

not having a whole kitchen equipment sometimes produces strange effects

Arrabiata Pizza Pull Apart Bread

300g pizza flour (sub with all-purpose flour)
10g fresh yeast 
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp olive oil 
2 tbsp warm water
sparkling water

150ml sieved tomatoes
1 onion, cubed
1 dried tomato (chopped), 2 small garlic cloves (minced), 1 chili (minced), basil, oregano, salt, pepper, olive oil, pinch of salt

prepare pizza dough: mix flour and salt, crumble yeast on top and dissolve with warm water, allow to rest for ~5min, add olive oil, then knead while adding sparkling water until you get a plain non-sticky dough ball, allow to rise for at least 30 min
prepare arrabiata sauce: roast onion in olive oil until translucent, deglaze with tomatoes and add spices, simmer for at least 10 min, until sauce becomes thick
take small pieces of pizza dough, flatten in your palms and fill with sauce, close the edges carefully, grease with olive oil and put in a baking pan. Bake at 180°C for ~20min. 

Grilled Glacéed Cocktail Tomatoes

10 cocktailtomatoes
1 tbsp sugar 
1 pinch of salt
halve tomatoes, first sprinkle with salt, then with sugar

Grilled Garlicky Button Mushrooms

10 button mushrooms, peeled
2 garlic cloves (minced) , olive oil
place button mushrooms in a baking pan, spread olve oil over them and sprinkle garlic on top

Grilled Eggplant&Zucchini 

1/2 tiny zucchini, thin slices
1/2 tiny eggplant, thin slices
1 garlic clove (minced), Italian herbs&spices, olive oil
place vegetable pieces in a baking pan, spread olive oil over them
and sprinkle spices and garlic on top 

grill at highest temperatur for ~10min


  1. Oh, ich werd ja schon beim Lesen deiner Buchbeschreibung traurig. Du hebst die Stimmung aber eindeutig mit dem Brot...;-) Der Buchtitel ist abgespeichert. Danke für die Empfehlung! :-) Wirklich eine erlesene Auswahl!!!
    LG, Momo

    1. das ist meine Brunch-Geheimwaffe ;) Ist zwar ein bisschen Bastelarbeit, aber wenn man das mitbringt sind immer alle ganz angetan... und man kann es durch das austauschen der Fülung richtig gut an verschiedene Gerichte anpassen...

    2. Ich habe das Buch gerade ausgelesen. Wirklich ein Kleinod! Vielen Dank für die BEsprechung und Empfehlung! :)

      LG, Momo

  2. Yum, I adore bread especially savoury ones like your pull apart bread. It looks so delicious!

    1. it was! last year I made a similar one for Christmas, but instead of arrabiata sauce I had a filling made from garlic and olive oil which was also very amazing!

  3. HAllo zusammen!
    Gibts denn diesmal keinen Vegan Wednesday? Wo kann ich posten? Ich dachte bei Dir??

    1. dochdoch, du bist hier schon richtig:


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