Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

The one with the book that always makes me cry - MoFo Book Challenge #3 - Il re di Girgenti

Unfortunately today's book has not been translated into English, yet. But if you are able to read Italian or German (I don't know whether it was translated in any other languages) I highly recommend it. Just a few short words about the plot (which relies on a true story): It is 18th century Sicily (Italy) and farmer Zosimo is tired of being reigned. The politics are chaotic, the living conditions poor and famine and plague take turns. Zosimo searches his place in this world and ends -after a riot and a short period as the king of Sicily- on the scaffold. Those last steps he takes are the saddest words I ever read. I read these pages again and again and I never managed not to cry.

But it is not only the plot. The book is rich because of its baroque language, mischievous incidents and wise connotations. Camillieri brings his readers into 18th century Sicily, noting ribald and coarse stories but also painting the simplicity and poorness of a small island that was centuries behind Europe's progresses.

Il re di Grigento is one of my favourite books, even though it sometimes makes me blush or grin when Camillieri uses ribald phrases or talks about adult stuff from a very male perspective. His language is unique: He obviously imitates picaresque novels, but in a very modern way. This book definitely is one of a kind: rich, colourful and something I have never read before.
If you like Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose you will definitely love this one.

As Camillieri and Zosimo are located in Sicily I wanted to create a typical Sicilian dish which is rich in taste and flavour and could be part of a baroque meal and here it is: Sicilian Cannoli.
Usually they are packed with a ricotta filling and even the waffles contain egg and milk.
As a starter I used this recipe from but instead of making a vegan ricotta from soy, I used nuts. If you care about calories this is the right place to stop reading. All other people really should try this.
The rest of the filling is optional, usually cannoli contain candied lemon peel but I honestly hate the taste of it. Instead I used dates and dried apricots but I am sure figs and dried or fresh berries would also make perfect cannoli. Most cannoli recipes ask you to deep fry the waffles. As the nuts already contain loads of fat I suggest to bake them instead.
Eating these tiny delicacies was nearly as satisfying as reading Il re di Girgenti


  1. Love your theme and these cannolis look fantastic!

  2. Stuhl

    In meinem Wohnzimmer steht ein Ungetüm
    Mit dem ich mich vor Besuchern rühm.
    Nun verfügt es über der Beine viere
    Weshalb ich dacht es wär ein Tiere.
    Doch weder Katz, noch Has, oder Hund
    Darüber taten die kahlen Beine kund.
    Für Ratte oder Maus ward's zu groß
    Und, dies versetzte mir einen Stoß,
    Für Elefanten war es doch zu kleene,
    Besaß obendrein auch noch eine Lehne.
    So verliere ich meinen Tierhalterstolz
    Muss ich doch erkennen, es ist aus Holz!
    Ist doch kein Tier, so ist der Lauf,
    Traurig setz ich mich auf ihn drauf.

    1. Norddeutsche Gedichte unter dem armen Camilleri, womit hat er das denn verdient?

  3. Katzen kratzen mit ihren Tatsen
    an Teppich Wänden und Matratzen

    1. Martin: s=z ;)
      Ich weiß, das ist die Rache für den Börries ;)

  4. Klasse Rezept, das mach ich auf jeden Fall mal nach. :-) Ich bin immer noch schwer begeistert, wie du den MoFo zelebrierst, deine Einträge zu verfolgen macht solchen Spaß! :-)

    1. ich hab ja auch gecheatet und vorgekocht ;)

      ich mag den MoFo wirklich gern und da mein Blog sonst nicht so sonderlich rezeptlastig ist, kann ich meine besten Ideen gesammelt in einem Monat raushauen

  5. mmmm looks delicious :)
    Cannoli is one of my husband's favorites, probably second to tiramisu (his mom side is Italian).

    Little J is getting stronger and stronger! He's probably stealing my energy cause I've started to feel tired easily again. But that's probably a good thing :)

  6. They look amazing! Cannoli used to be my husband's favourite sweet. I'm going to tuck your recipe away and surprise him one day.


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