Samstag, 20. Oktober 2012

The one with the book that always makes me remember my time at boarding school - MoFo Book Challenge #20 - The Confusions of Young Törless by Robert Musil / Iron Chef Challenge #2

Again this post is not only part of my MoFo theme, but also my entry for  this week's Iron Chef Challenge. Anyone interested in Iron Chef Challenges and how to take part, may follow this link: *click*.
 Musil is one of the most famous German speaking writers, mainly because of "The Man without Qualities", which is one of the most important novels of 20th century literature, but also for his other books. Today's book is one of his more famous works. Musil tells a story about a boy that leaves his rural Austrian home to attend a private upper-class school. Soon he makes friends with two highly gifted boys, Törless is fascinated with their dominant personalities, but when the three of them find out that another boy, Basini, stole money, they decide to blackmail him into servitude. What starts as a game, ends in a novel about the necessity of moral and a masterpiece of psychological observation. It might be compared with "Lord of the Flies" but it is way darker and far more mature.
This book is not only worth reading because of its psychological insights, Musil's writing is also genius. He was one of the most talented authors of the 20th century and one of the greatest prose stylists, I dare to say that he might even be among the few writers that have a natural talent describing complex psychological characters and guide them through exceptional situations without losing their credibility.

If you liked "The Catcher in the Rye", "Lord of the Flies" or "Youth without God", you will find a great read in this book. 

Things just happen : that's the sum total of wisdom.
-Torless, Young Torless

When I went to boarding school the food wasn't very remarkable, I hate to say so but most of the time it was downright disgusting. There was only one dish we all loved: Pesto Pasta. One of our chefs was Italian and she had a special twist for pesto: cream. It was the first time I ate pesto and it will be the only one that tastes right for me forever. Besides the boarding school theme I wanted to add an Austrian touch and decided to go with potato bread. Of course this is not exclusively Austrian, but every time I went to Austria I saw this kind of bread a lot. I don't have a real recipe for the tahin soy yogurt sauce, but I only used soy yogurt, tahin, lemon juice, salt, pepper, chopped parsley, chili and rosemary and paprika powder. For the pesto I just had a plain pesto genovese which I refined with unsweetened almond milk. 

Potato Bread Sticks

200g potatoes, peeled, grated
100g whole wheat flour
100g wheat flour
50ml lukewarm water
10g yeast
1/2 tsp salt
1tsp olive oil
1/2tp sugar
black&white sesame, salt

pour water onto grated potatoes, mix flour , sugar and salt in a bowl, create a mould and sprinkle yeast in, add 2tbsp water and stir quickly, allow to rest for 5min; pour potato mixture on top, add olive oil and knead for ~5min, allow to rise for at least 1h. 
form sticks, sprinkle with sesame and salt and bake at 180° for ~15-20min, serve with pesto or tahini yofu creme


  1. I made something similar today, also for the Iron chef challenge. Yumz :)

  2. Delicious! It's always great to see some innovative twist on bread sticks. Great job!

  3. Love reeding your Mofo Posts. They are very well done! It makes me want to read those books and eat all that delicious food!

    I have contacted you on Facebook a few times, but you are not answering :(

    1. sorry, am quite busy again, I send you a mail within the next days


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