Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2012

The one with the book that always makes me burst with laughter - MoFo Book Challenge #22 - Candide by Voltaire

Voltaire's Candide for sure is one of the 'oldest' books I chose for my challenge. Still, even though I am absolutely into 20th century writing, it is one of my favourite books. Voltaire surely was a difficult contemporary, I sometimes read the exchange of letters between him an Rousseau and I guess Voltaire was the kind of guy you would not enjoy to have as a guest of your party, he was a very cynical person and he managed to chose his words in a way, that they always expressed kind of a disregard.
Still I love his books, especially Candide. He picks all of the literature of his time to pieces, while his 'hero' Candide travels the world to find his fortune. Whilst his travels he manages to capture nearly every theme that was common in contemporary literature: Eldorado, religious squabble, love, beauty and wise fellows. But he manages to turn everything upside down to finally come to a very unlikely conclusion.

If you love dark and cynical humor, Candide is your book!

If you are about to read the book you might prefer to skip the next phrases and continue reading beneath the next photo.

When Candide finally finds the love of his life, he realizes that she turned ugly. As he travelled the world to find her, he decides to stay with her and live a simple ad rural life. In the end this is what makes him come closest to happiness. Because of this conclusion I thought I'd go with a very simple, yet ordinary dish.

There won't be a recipe for this dish as I just made a simple potato and butternut squash soup, which  topped with Austrian pumpkin seed oil. To make it a little more special I pan-fried potato and butternut dices, which I used as a topping. 

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