Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2012

The one with the book that always reminds me of my hometown- MoFo Book Challenge #31 - Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

I promised to come back to Mary Shelley earlier and here she is. Her book is perfect for my final MoFo entry: Frankenstein. I do not want to spend time talking about the plot, as I am quite sure everybody knows the story of the Swiss scientist who comes to Bavarian Ingolstadt and creates a creature from parts of corpses. Yesterday I wrote about the book's origin, as the event that set the initial spark for this novel has been the same that made Polidori's create The Vampyre. 
I really enjoyed to read Frankenstein and I still think Mary Shelley's masterstroke is one of the must reads, at least if you are into scary stories. This book is so much more then about a monster, it is about greed and irresponsibility, about superficiality and the desire to fulfill one's needs.
Frankenstein (and his creature) might be the most famous horror story character, so I think this is a perfect ending for this year's Vegan MoFo theme. 

As the horror of Frankenstein originates not from the monster itself but from the scientist's brain (and because he also took a corpse's brain), I went with this idea and created an icky but delicious custard brain.  It looks way more work than it in fact was. Usually they say that vegan zombies eat grans, but I guess these brains would feed them, too. I also covered the plate with cherry jelly (cherry juice, sugar, agar agar) but I don't think this is necessary, even though I liked the different textures

for 2 brains:
1 pack custard powder (without food colouring, or starch, vanilla, salt)
40g sugar
250ml soy milk, 250ml almond milk

2 cups

prepare custard (follow directions on powder pack), fill into cups and allow to set overnight,
next morning: turn cups upside down and use a teaspoon to carve the brain shape

Blood Sauce with Lumps

250ml cherry juice
1 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp corn starch
3 tbsp fresh cranberries

bring cherry juice to the boil, add cranberries, in a cup mix sugar and corn starch, add a few tablespoons of juice, stir starch mixture into hot juice and bring to the boil, spread all over the brain
(cranberries will burst, so make sure to be prepared)


  1. This looks absolutely disgusting! You've done a very good job on creating something suitable for Halloween and Frankenstein :) I'm really impressed.


    1. thank you!
      I didn't think it would turn out that icky ;)

  2. aw. this is utterly disgusting but well done! lol

  3. thanks for the thoughtful note on my blog! I have really enjoyed reading your blog as well as seeing the great recipes (I love blogs that also have good writing!) I also lost the time to check out everyone's blogs - 20 posts is a lot! Be well!


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