Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012

The one with the book that concluded my childhood - MoFo Book Challenge - Illuminatus!

This is the kind of book you do not want your child to read.
Having this said I tell you that it was a fun read when I was about 13. I came across it because it was mentioned in a movie and even though I did not even get half of the plot (which was not a bad thing, though), the things I understood blew my mind away and I read the trilogy several times again. The writing of the book is one of a kind and it is said to be one of the outtanding postmodern novels. It refers to a lot of other books, mainly the Principia Discordia, which is a religion and religion parody based on the Greek goddess Eris (the one that threw the apple which triggered off the Trojan War) and there is so many storylines that cross each other, that it sometimes leaves you breathless, asking yourself what exactly happened to you. Since Dan Brown made the secret society "Illuminaten" famous, this book has received a strange connotation, even though it is much older and has a virtuoso way to play with conspiracy theories: As Wilson and Shea invent most of them themselves, the ridiculousness steps out. Everything about the plot is unbelievable and creative: One of the main characters is Hagbard Celine, captain of a submarine and best friends with a dolphin and a computer (which translates the dolphin language). There are giant monsters to fight, conspiracies to be revealed and a world in danger. In the meantime they do drugs and have sex. 

This book really asks a lot from the reader: The content is very adult related and absurd, I do not want to tell you too much, but if you are into Tarantino movies you won't be disappointed. I would describe the Illuminatus! novels as a very modern Steppenwolf (Hesse), both books are weird, not everyone likes it, but it is genius in its own way. You will have to read it more then once to get the whole plot and its connections as there is no chronological nor geographical order.

Vegan fun fact: when one of the characters enters a restaurant and orders a steak, a wall opens and he suddenly is confronted with the slaughter of a cow. When he tries to get away from the terror ,the waitress explains that this is the pedagogical concept of the restaurant and that they prefer to show people what their meat actually is.

Given discordianism as a central aspect of the novels (the golden apple is its symbol and also the subtitle of the second novel), apple had to be the main ingredient. Instead of coming up with something new I made my favourite apple cupcake pie. This was my very first vegan cake and all the people I made it for just loved it (I think there was no one ever that did not ask for the recipe).
I have to admit, that this is the first and only recipe I use marge in, I just did not have the time to try to substitute it with oil, but will update this post as soon as I can.


  1. Do you know if this has been translated into english?

  2. In fact the original language is English, it was only translated into German. :)
    It also is called "Illuminatus!" or "the Iluuminatus! trilogy".


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