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The one with the book which infected literature with vampirism - MoFo Book Challenge #30 - The Vampyre by John William Polidori

I came across this book because I am (as I mentioned earlier) a big fan of Lord Byron. When you read about Byron you have to come across fact, that he met with Mary and Percy Shelly, her sister Claire and the writer Polidori in Switzerland and that they decided to proclaim a small horror story writing contest. Nowadays this is seen as fantastic literature's date of founding and maybe the most important book publishing that was initiated by this event was Shelley's Frankenstein. But we will come to Frankestein tomorrow, when I will have my final Vegan Mofo Post.
Polidori was the first one to introduce the vampire theme to literature and he also was the writer that invented the vampire nobleman and horror stories and movies cannot be imagined without this character.

If you are interested in vampire novels in general you will enjoy the Wikipedia article, I also took the short summary of The Vampyre from it:
Aubrey, a young Englishman, meets Lord Ruthven, a man of mysterious origins who has entered London society. Aubrey accompanies Ruthven to Rome, but leaves him after Ruthven seduces the daughter of a mutual acquaintance. Aubrey travels to Greece, where he becomes attracted to Ianthe, an innkeeper's daughter. Ianthe tells Aubrey about the legends of the vampire. Ruthven arrives at the scene and shortly thereafter Ianthe is killed by a vampire. Aubrey does not connect Ruthven with the murder and rejoins him in his travels. The pair is attacked by bandits and Ruthven is mortally wounded. Before he dies, Ruthven makes Aubrey swear an oath that he will not mention his death or anything else he knows about Ruthven for a year and a day. Looking back, Aubrey realizes that everyone whom Ruthven met ended up suffering.
Aubrey returns to London and is amazed when Ruthven appears shortly thereafter, alive and well. Ruthven reminds Aubrey of his oath to keep his death a secret. Ruthven then begins to seduce Aubrey's sister while Aubrey, helpless to protect his sister, has a nervous breakdown. Ruthven and Aubrey's sister are engaged to marry on the day the oath ends. Just before he dies, Aubrey writes a letter to his sister revealing Ruthven's history, but it does not arrive in time. Ruthven marries Aubrey's sister. On the wedding night, she is discovered dead, drained of her blood — and Ruthven has vanished.

 I went with the vampire theme and decided to make a garlic soup with cheesy bat crackers.
For the crackers I used Chloe Coscarelli's goldfish cracker recipe, but as I do not use margarine due to the palm oil issue, I used 3 tbsp sunflower oil instead.

Garlic Soup

1 small onion, diced
2-3 cloves of garlic, minced
400ml vegetable broth
100ml almond milk 
2tbsp all-purpose flour
salt and pepper, olive oil, chopped parsley
(at least 2 days to stay at home)

heat oil in a pot, add onion dices and roast until translucent; then add flour and stir well for about 1 minute , add garlic and deglaze with vegetable broth, simmer for ~10min, add almond milk, season with salt, pepper and parsley and enjoy


  1. I love your bat crackers, they are so cute! Garlic soup is a perfect match for your vampire novel.

    1. Thanks a lot, Mel!

      Luckily I found a bat cookie cutter :)

  2. Dann dürfte dir "Der Vampir" von Tom Holland gefallen der die..Verbindung all dieser Personen(Polidori, Byron, Shelley) in seinem Roman nutzt, einer der Figuren ein Vampir ist bzw gemacht wird und diese Vampire völlig anders zu den herkömmlichen sind,eher mehr der klassische Vampir statt ala Anne Rice.

    Kein billiger Abklatsch, keine süße Romanze, sondern ein richtiger, klassischer Roman.


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