Freitag, 26. Oktober 2012

The one with the favourite poem - MoFo Book Challenge #25 - Already the Air Smells of Snow by Sarah Kirsch

 I do not want to say too much about this poem, except for mentioning that this might not be the best translation and that I have the feeling that many things got lost in translation. If you are able to read German please make sure to check the German version as I really love how intense Kirsch's writing is.
Kirsch is definitely one of the outstanding German poets, and even though her style is difficult to translate I guess there might be very touching translations.
If you are into that kind of poems make sure to grab one of her books.

I love the description of the cold and the winter and so I went with this theme and something that reminded me of snow and crackling fireplaces: Chestnuts. Every year during the cold months there are small stalls that sell roasted chestnuts which you can put in your pocket to heat your cold hands or eat right away.
But instead of only roasting them, I decided to transform them into a spread, a common thing in France but nearly unknown in Germany. If you love the taste of chestnuts make sure to give this a try!

Chestnut Spread

200g roasted chestnuts (if you roast them at home, make sure to cut the shell open!)
1 pack vanilla sugar (raw cane sugar with bourbon vanilla)
1tbsp walnut oil
pinch of salt 
splash of lemon juice
splash of almond milk

use a blender to create a smooth and plain paste, if you prefer your spread sweeter, add extra maple syrup or cane sugar, if the spread is too dry add extra almond milk;
makes a perfect spread for bread but also works perfectly well on crepes or with muffins


  1. So schön das Gedicht! Ich kannte es noch gar nicht. Und ungeschälte Maroni habe ich jetzt auch endlich gefunden!;-)
    LG, Momo

    1. die gibts hier mittlerweile lose in jedem Supermarkt zu kaufen, aber auch zB aufm Markt :)

  2. we have street vendors who sell roasted chestnuts in Japan too! I never thought of putting those in pockets to warm up the hands but good idea :)

    1. just realized that my spam filter blocked your comment, sorry for that :/


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