Montag, 29. Oktober 2012

The one with the first scary story I read - MoFo Book Challenge #28 - The Black Spider by Jeremias Gotthelf

Vegan MoFo is nearly over and as Halloween approaches I wanted to add some scary books.

Gotthelf's novella for sure is one of the less known books so I will give you a short summary: Due to adverse conditions a small village decides to sign a contract with the devil and promises him an unbaptized child in return. As a seal the devil kisses a woman called Christine, who signed the contract for the village, on her cheek. When the first child is born the priest rescues it by baptizing it right after birth. Immediately Christine's face begins to hurt and a black mark in shape of a spider appears on her cheek. When a second child is baptized right away the mark bursts open and thousands of small spiders are released. Soon the villager's cows die and a lot of accidents happen, so Christine and the villagers decide to immolate the next child. The priest is aware of this plan and rescues the child by sprinkling holy water all over it, but when the water bedabbles Christine, she is transformed into a black spider. The priest slings her away from the child but instantly dies due to the touch of the black spider. The spider flees and kills everything that touches her: animals as well as humans. The terror continues but when the spider approaches the house of an old pious woman, the woman catches her and crams her into a timber and even though the lady dies the spider is locked for several centuries, until a farm hand opens her cage and the killing starts from the scratch...

Of course this is an easy but effective Halloween food idea and it is more a food styling than a recipe. You might use it for any type of insect (I first thought I should make it for Kafka's The Metamorphosis but it just didn't feel right to declassify it to a scary story) and it is a very quick gimmick for a Halloween party..

dates, pitted
pretzels, in pieces
dark melted chocolate

break pretzels into parts (try to keep them as long as possible) and stuff them into date until the spider is able to stand upright; cover with melted chocolate and leave to cool for at least 1h


  1. Wow! Looks great! But it looks like a lot of work...

    1. I have to admit that it looks far more stressful than it really is (one spider took ~5 minutes and I am quite slow when it comes to stuff like this...)


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