Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2012

Vegan Wednesday goes international and meets Vegan Mofo!

Vegan Wednesday? - Vegan Wednesday!

Burgers, potatoes, rice, sushi, pizza, salads, cakes, smoothies, cookies, bananas, chocolate, cupcakes....there's so much more to vegan food than just plain old veggies! Vegan food is as colorful as the people who cook and eat it. We've created Vegan Wednesday to share this diversity with you, to inspire you and to get you hooked on veganism.

Become a part of Vegan Wednesday!

Whoever wants to join the huge digital vegan potluck that is Vegan Wednesday should bring some vegan food, their camera and their blog.
Each Wednesday, you take pictures of whatever lands in your pan or pot or on your plate, write a line or two about it and publish the whole thing on your blog. Let us know that you want to join the party by sharing your link in a comment on that week's Vegan Wednesday blog post (Carola, Cara and Julia take turns inviting you for Vegan Wednesday) by Saturday night at the very latest. Each Sunday, we will throw your pictures together to create the most awesome Vegan Wednesday potluck board on Pinterest, so you can dig your virtual fork into all the glorious vegan goodness you helped to create.

Do I have to be vegan to join the party?

No (although we'd appreciate if you went vegan). As long as the food you show the world on Wednesdays is vegan, you can always join!

Find out more about Vegan Wednesday and always stay up to date by becoming our fan on Facebook!

If you want to join, please visit Carola's blog for further information and to hand in your links!

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  1. Vegan Wednesdays! What a great discovery! Of course I want to join this digital potluck! :) Hopping over right now...


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