Sonntag, 15. September 2013

Vegan Wednesday #56 - das Board steht

Zum mittlerweile 56. Mal fand diese Woche der Vegan Wednesday statt - Wahnsinn wie die Zeit verfliegt und unglaublich wie ich immer wieder über die Kreativität der Teilnehmer staune.

Mit 56 Pins bietet das Board einen tollen Überblick über verschiedenste vegane Essgewohnheiten und hält das ein oder andere besondere Highlight bereit, aber ich will nicht zuviel verraten, seht es euch einfach selbst an. Besonders möchte ich heute aber auf den Beitrag von Salka und die darin verlinkten Petitionen hinweisen. Vielleicht findet ihr einen Moment Zeit um unterzeichnen. 

Erfreulich dagegen ist, dass wir diese Woche zwei Neuzugänge begrüßen dürfen: sowohl für den Blog oh, wie yummi! als auch für Ratte vom Blog Rattenwald ist es der erste vegan wednesday und hoffentlich nicht der letzte!
Auch das Pet-Board hat diese Woche Zuwachs erhalten - Maripani zeigt uns ihre leider schon verstorbenen Wellensittiche.

Mittwoch, 11. September 2013

vegan wednesday #56

schon der 56. vegan wednesday - wie die Zeit doch verfliegt!
Heute gibts wieder nur eine unvollständige Zusammenfassung, ich hab einfach nicht dran gedacht (wär aber auch langweilig gewesen, so steht das Mittagessen stellvertretend mit für das Abendessen)

we already count the 56. vegan wednesday!
today's photo summary is incomplete (again!) - but as I had leftovers from lunch for dinner, so you don't really miss anything

morgens gab es Haferflocken mit meiner geliebten (!) Kokos-Reis-Milch, dazu ein paar eingemachte Erdbeeren und Kaffee 

for breakfast I had oats with coconut rice milk, preserved strawberries and coffee

das Foto meines Mittagessens steht stellvertretend auch fürs Abendessen, denn da gabs so ziemlich das gleiche nochmal: 

Vollkorn-&Zucchininudeln mit Tomaten-Walnusspesto und frittierten Tempehwürfeln
(ein Traum und in den nächsten Tagen als Zombierezept auf meinem Blog zu finden - wer jetzt schon errät zu welchem Thema verdient sich meine allerhöchste Hochachtung)

lunch&dinner: whole grain (GRAAAAAAIIINS!) & zucchini pasta with tomato&walnut pesto and stir-fried tempeh dices (recipe will be featured within my zombie recipes, you may already have a guess which topic will be mentioned)

Dienstag, 10. September 2013

Vegan Wednesday #56 - alle Posts zu mir!

Ohne große Worte zu verlieren: Eure Posts um mittlerweile 56. vegan wednesday könnt ihr bei mir verlinken - einfach in den Kommentaren einen Link hinterlassen und auf das Board freuen!

Wie immer habt ihr bis Samstag 0.00h Zeit (oder für die Nachzügler bis das Board steht).

Ich freue mich auf eure Posts! In der Zwischenzeit könnt ihr uns bei Facebook besuchen oder euch von unseren Pinterest-Sammlungen inspirieren lassen.

Vegan Zombies #7

Montag, 9. September 2013

Monday MoFo Roundup #1

I am a bit lazy when it comes to following this year's MoFo. There is so much going on at the moment - I hardly find enough time to write my own MoFo posts and as there is no possibility to follow all the blogs out there by feed, I might miss really great stuff, but I hope I will be able to catch up. Instead of my favorite posts, I will promote some of my favorite blogs that also take part in this year's Vegan MoFo:

First of all I would love to mention a few my fellow German/Austrian bloggers, because I follow them anyway and appreciate that they are taking part in this year's MoFo:

Vegan in Berlin is doing restaurant reviews around Berlin - I am jealous, I guess this really is the place to be when you are vegan
Veganer Keks has some beautiful pictures and really gorgeous looking recipes
Foods and everything - I love this blog for the really great photo artwork!
Cookies&Style - another blog with totally awesome photography - perfect recipes and a really lovely blogger
MamaMia offers a very playful view on food - a really good read!

Plantaardigheidjes is a blog from the Netherlands which I first discovered through last year's MoFo - and I really enjoy Dani's writing
Crafty Mochi - June and I met through Mofo two year's ago - she has a very unique way of cooking and crafting
Mandee is doing a theme that I was also thinking about: MoFo favorites from the last years - and it is a pretty good read, I cannot believe how many gorgeous recipes I missed!
The vegan kitchen of Dr Caligari  is one of my definite favorites in this year's MoFo - I always stated that Italian food is the best food - so I am glad that there is an Italian blogger taking part and the recipes and pictures are downright gorgeous

Sonntag, 8. September 2013

Vegan Zombies #6

It is still plants vs. zombies weekend and today's dish is dedicated to my favorite mini game - Wallnut Bowling. Usually those Wallnuts are - as their name says- meant to defend your plants from the zombies. But they are also perfect partners in knocking them down. 

first prepare walnut pesto - add all ingredients in a small cup and cover them with olive oil

use a potato peeler (or anything similar) to cut thin slices from an eggplant

soak four TVP 'big steaks' in vegetable stock for at least 30min (or when soft enough to roll) - squeeze the broth out - then spread with mustard, cover with eggplant slices and spread walnut parsley pesto on top 
roll them as tight as possible and use yarn or skewers to keep them together

heat oil in a pan and brown from all sides - heat oil in a browning dish, dice one small onion and 1 clove of garlic and brown gently, add 3 tsp tomato paste and heat until brown, add salt and peppercorns to your taste - deglaze with 1,5 cups vegetable stock, stir well and put the roulades in - reduce heat, put a lid on your pot and simmer for 30min

create a gravy by adding vegetable cream and fresh chopped Italian herbs - serve with red cabbage, potatoes and/or salad

Yum! Eggplant walnut roulades

Freitag, 6. September 2013

Vegan Zombies #5

You all knew this was about to happen - right?
But how could a vegan blog not mention Plants vs Zombies?
I really liked this game and spent a few funny hours planting mushrooms, peas and many other vegetables to defend my backyard.

As this is the perfect game to be mentioned for a vegan meets zombie theme I declare this the plants vs zombies-weekend and as a starter I chose my favorite zombie defending plants: frozen peas!

I just love the tiny frozen pea canon in the middle row!

Creamy Pea Soup

lightly sautée onion, garlic and peas, then deglaze with 3 cups vegetable stock
simmer for at least 15min

blend well

soak and drain nuts (the longer the better) - blend until smooth (add some liquid to create a soft and creamy texture)

gently combine nut cream and soup - and serve with chopped herbs

tastes even better than it looks *yum*

Vegan Wednesday #55

ein schneller und unvollständiger vegan wednesday

a quick and incomplete vegan wednesday

Frühstück - Breakfast

Ciabatta mit Beerenmarmelade, Garten-Tomaten und Kaffee
ciabatta with berry jam, fresh tomatoes and coffee

Abendessen - Supper

grüner Salat mit Tomaten, Erbsen, Mais und Petersilie

green salad with tomatoes, peas, corn and parsley

Auberginen-Walnuss-Roulade mit Rotkohl

eggplant walnut roulade with red cabbage

Ein Glas Rotwein (getrunken haben ich den Cabernet Sauvignon, ich wollte nur meine Begeisterung teilen, dass ich vegan gelabelten Wein gefunden habe - und beide Sorten sind richtig empfehlenswert!)

One glass of red wine (I am really excited that I found red wine which is labeled as 'vegan' - I only had a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon but these two wines are really tasty)

Rezepte (und bessere Fotos der Gerichte) gibt es dann im Laufe des MoFo

Recipes (and better quality photos) will follow during MoFo

außerdem gegessen: vegane Currywurst zu Mittag, nachmittags ein Nuss-Krokant-Riegel und vormittags ein 
Peanut Butter Cup

what else I ate: vegan 'currywurst' for lunch, a brittle bar and one peanut butter cup

Mittwoch, 4. September 2013

Vegan Zombies #4

They found you! Hordes of zombies have surrounded your hideout and are trying to break through the backdoor. There is not much time left until they will finally break through the last barrier and try to eat your brain - but wait. There might be a way out - pretend to be a zombie yourself and they might not try to eat you or your brain!

And there is nothing better than a good disguise - So what does a zombie look like? They are usually spread with blood, guts and other disgusting things - quite hard to find in a vegan household though ('The Walking Dead' features an episode in which Rick is spreading the guts of a killed zombie all over his clothes - but who would like to do so or keep a zombie corpse for emergency situations?). But today's recipe will help you, because it is not only very tasty - you might also use left-overs to create a realistic zombie disguise -just spread them all over your clothes and don't spare your companion animals.

Hopefully there are no vegetarian zombies among the horde that overruns your house. They might -remember Day of the Dead- mistake you for a soy bean....

ingredients: smoked tofu, TVP, onion, gherkins, bell pepper, seitan sausages, minced garlic, red wine (to deglaze), strong vegetable stock, gherkin liquid, tomato sauce, pepper corns, fresh chopped herbs (to your taste)

The dish is originated in Russia and called "Soljanka" - usually it calls for many different meat varieties, sausages or even mushrooms.

Dienstag, 3. September 2013

Vegan Zombies #3

Today we have a look on a seemingly old-fashioned topic: love stories. 
As love stories are part of nearly every movie it is not a big surprise that they are also quite common in zombie movies. Usually two survivors fall in love with each other and even though there are a few exceptions when it comes to people who can't kill their zombified partners, I never heard of zombies falling in love, until I found this cute song: 

So you are going on your first date - but there are no restaurants left and as you are on the run (either from zombies or zombie hunters) you won't have too much time to prepare a delicious dessert, well I proudly present the solution: microwave brownies.

(they are also awesome when you are lusting for chocolate late at night and just the right size to share with your beloved one...)

allow to cool and tadaaaa

Montag, 2. September 2013

Vegan Zombies #2

I always loved those cooking games like Diner Dash - even though it seems to be one of the most stupid game concepts ever - you only have to repeat the same clicks over and over again - as fast as you can. But still I find it kind of addictive. 
As there are billions of games like this out there (seems I am not the only person who loves these games...) I also found one featuring zombies: Zombie Burger!

I don't think it is one of the best restaurant games, but still you might spend a few funny minutes serving zombies bloody hotdogs, disgusting soft drinks and creepy burgers.

Here are my ingredients for the patty (I also added minced garlic and chili after taking the picture)

garnished with tomato slices, lettuce, vegan cheese (Wilmersburger Kräuter), barbecue sauce, red cabbage and gherkins, serve with beer and zombie movie!

Sonntag, 1. September 2013

Vegan Zombies #1

Hello vegan world, 

it's MoFo again. This year I decided to choose a quite unconventional theme and I still do not know whether or not it will be a blast. And as I totally missed that today is already the first day of MoFo I have to do a recycling post of last year's mofoing (which was books and literature).

This year will be all about zombies, zombie related food and some cool links that can be found around the internet.

So just let's pretend there were zombies all around us and one of our vegetarian or vegan friends was zombified - what would happen?

Day of the Dead has the answer and it is quite astonishing, but see it with your own eyes: 

So what do you serve your zombified vegetarian friend? Here is one of the answers (and we will have many more during the next month...): pudding brain!
Okay, it is more kind of a food styling idea than a real recipe, but isn't this one of the goriest dishes ever?
There are special moulds to create brain shaped puddings but as I prefer not to buy too mush stuff that I never ever use again I used a teaspoon to create the shape and I still think it looks quite disgusting - but in a good way!

Now I will go and have a look on all the other MoFo blogs out there. I cannot wait to see all your themes!