Sonntag, 1. September 2013

Vegan Zombies #1

Hello vegan world, 

it's MoFo again. This year I decided to choose a quite unconventional theme and I still do not know whether or not it will be a blast. And as I totally missed that today is already the first day of MoFo I have to do a recycling post of last year's mofoing (which was books and literature).

This year will be all about zombies, zombie related food and some cool links that can be found around the internet.

So just let's pretend there were zombies all around us and one of our vegetarian or vegan friends was zombified - what would happen?

Day of the Dead has the answer and it is quite astonishing, but see it with your own eyes: 

So what do you serve your zombified vegetarian friend? Here is one of the answers (and we will have many more during the next month...): pudding brain!
Okay, it is more kind of a food styling idea than a real recipe, but isn't this one of the goriest dishes ever?
There are special moulds to create brain shaped puddings but as I prefer not to buy too mush stuff that I never ever use again I used a teaspoon to create the shape and I still think it looks quite disgusting - but in a good way!

Now I will go and have a look on all the other MoFo blogs out there. I cannot wait to see all your themes!


  1. ha, cara wie geil ist das denn??
    da bin ich ja sehr gespannt auf deine posts!!!
    schon mal pre-gruseln bevor der oktober und die halloween-zeit startet ;D

  2. Hahaha this is great! Had a good laugh seeing this. Nice for Halloween.
    Would love to know the recipe too how you make this pudding :-)

    1. to be honest I used ready-made custard powder (which contains three ingredients: starch, vanilla and salt) and instead of 500ml regular milk I prepared it with 400ml almond milk - allow to cool and set in a bowl inside the fridge for a few hours, then turn upside down and start carving the brain shape - that's it :)

  3. Uaaaaah, coole Idee, aber schon n bisschen spooky!
    Leider bin ich des Englischen vollkommen unmächtig, daher schaue ich mir in der kommenden Zeit vor allem die Bilder an ;)

    1. ich hab das neulich mal als Nachtisch für nen Zombie-Film-Abend (bzw eine Nacht...) gemacht - kam super an^^

      echt? wie kommts? ich dachte in D kommt man um Englisch in der Schule quasi gar nicht mehr rum....

  4. Ich war letztens jahr schon so begeistert von deinen mofo posts, freu mich auf das was diesen monat kommt :)

    1. na dann hoffe ich, dass ich dich dieses Jahr nicht enttäusche - ich hab nämlich bisher nur wenig Ahnung was ich so alles anstellen kann, aber das war letztes Jahr auch nicht anders^^

      scön, dass du dieses Mal auch dabei bist!

  5. Long time no see! How have you been? Your theme is awesome (as always)! I'm sure it'll be a blast.

    I've decided to join in the vegan mofo fun this year and been writing about being vegan on a budget and cooking vegan babyfood over at my new blog (Crafty Mochi). It'd be great if you can come over to check it out :)


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