Mittwoch, 4. September 2013

Vegan Zombies #4

They found you! Hordes of zombies have surrounded your hideout and are trying to break through the backdoor. There is not much time left until they will finally break through the last barrier and try to eat your brain - but wait. There might be a way out - pretend to be a zombie yourself and they might not try to eat you or your brain!

And there is nothing better than a good disguise - So what does a zombie look like? They are usually spread with blood, guts and other disgusting things - quite hard to find in a vegan household though ('The Walking Dead' features an episode in which Rick is spreading the guts of a killed zombie all over his clothes - but who would like to do so or keep a zombie corpse for emergency situations?). But today's recipe will help you, because it is not only very tasty - you might also use left-overs to create a realistic zombie disguise -just spread them all over your clothes and don't spare your companion animals.

Hopefully there are no vegetarian zombies among the horde that overruns your house. They might -remember Day of the Dead- mistake you for a soy bean....

ingredients: smoked tofu, TVP, onion, gherkins, bell pepper, seitan sausages, minced garlic, red wine (to deglaze), strong vegetable stock, gherkin liquid, tomato sauce, pepper corns, fresh chopped herbs (to your taste)

The dish is originated in Russia and called "Soljanka" - usually it calls for many different meat varieties, sausages or even mushrooms.


  1. Love your zombie theme! And this look delish :)

  2. Wow. looks delicious. something I'd like in coming seasons.... not just for zombie emergencies LOL


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