Freitag, 6. September 2013

Vegan Zombies #5

You all knew this was about to happen - right?
But how could a vegan blog not mention Plants vs Zombies?
I really liked this game and spent a few funny hours planting mushrooms, peas and many other vegetables to defend my backyard.

As this is the perfect game to be mentioned for a vegan meets zombie theme I declare this the plants vs zombies-weekend and as a starter I chose my favorite zombie defending plants: frozen peas!

I just love the tiny frozen pea canon in the middle row!

Creamy Pea Soup

lightly sautée onion, garlic and peas, then deglaze with 3 cups vegetable stock
simmer for at least 15min

blend well

soak and drain nuts (the longer the better) - blend until smooth (add some liquid to create a soft and creamy texture)

gently combine nut cream and soup - and serve with chopped herbs

tastes even better than it looks *yum*

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